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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lucky number 7

Niamh Boyce at Words a Day passed this award onto me.  Thank you Niamh.  I now have to share with you seven things about myself.

1) I had a sudden and strong desire to visit Berlin in the near future tonight.

2) My bithday has a seven in it, it falls on the 17th of June.

3) Yesterday while cycling in the rain it was very sunny and while obseving a rainbow I thought "what is the difference between a rainbow and a tornado."

4) I will probably want to look up the history of the number seven now and research why people think it is lucky.

5) I have three tattoos and would like to get another one.

6) I am currently rewatching episodes of the tv series ER.

7) I am excited that it is autumn again.

The seven blogs I enjoy to read are:







Womenrulewriter and Goerge Szirtes

oh dear I've broken the rules...

Thanks again for including me Niamh :)


  1. A rule breaking, tatooed, cycling gemini! I like it!
    I think rainbows dont hurt as much!
    what did you think of that mermaid/bad womens poetry/doors opened by feminists article!!!:) I was so so tempted to blog on it but I think that was the point, looking for outraged reactions - is that becoming a pir habit?

  2. hey niamh I haven't read it yet, had a hellish week at work but I'm going into the city centre tomorrow so I will look to pick it up, where did you get yours?

    yes but they are both phenomenon (what's the plural?) that occur in the natural world, aside from the effects what really is the difference, does it matter maybe is what I'm asking? is this symtomatic of a battle for my soul, I wonder, I shall find out! :) you should blog on it, I would be interested in what you have to say. are you going to the next Boyne Berries launch?

  3. Thanks Orla! I'm going to write a poem or two about my deceased mermaid grandmother who left my grandfather for a love affair with a tall, dark handsome seal (the American navy seal - now you're talking!)

  4. Thanks for the blog mention there, Orla. For the number seven try "Sacred Geometry" or the "Enneagram" but the musical scale gives it away. Loads of stuff out there on that number. FM.