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Sunday, November 7, 2010

November Sunrise in Salthill

I know this could be the title of a poem and I have some quick lines jotted down in my notebook from this morning after I had taken a stroll along the prom, but they're classified for now! 

A storm had been forecast to hit Galway but it was calm over the weekend.  Perhaps it will come later.  I'm now working on three poems.  Two are two thirds of the way through and one has just begun, or dawned on me obviously!

I came across this quote in a book in Navan library:

"The kingdom of Shambala exists only within your own heart."

Shambala is a Sankrit word which means a place of peace, happiness and tranquility.

As I finish editing this even the wind has risen and the rain is driving against the window eek!


  1. Beautiful photograph! You get the weather just before us, but we've had lightening storms already and the wind is rising! We're all going to be under 6 inches of water by the morning...

  2. Thank you Titus, I do wonder what the morning will bring and I have a 6.30 am alarm call, not looking forward to crawling out of bed :)

  3. Hi Peter, "eek" is an expression of alarm at the apparent creepiness of the sound of the wind and rain against the bedroom window that caused me to shiver at the time.