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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Batwoman and Action force.

I recieved a copy of Batwoman Elegy for Christmas from a friend and read it last week.  It's a deluxe edition and it's in hardback and it's awesome.  Greg Rucka is the writer and J.H. Williams III is the artist.  I'd completely forgotten what it is like to read a comic.  Okay you have to read the words but you also have to read the pictures so it's a very visual process.  I had loved some Action force comics in the 80's.  They were my older brothers and I used to have to fight to be allowed to read them. 

Anyway Batwoman a.k.a. Katherine Rebecca Kane had been stabbed through the heart but she has returned to Gotham with Batman's help.  She now has to fight the new High Madame of The Religion of Crime.  "When you act wrongly, you have to answer for it.  Without hiding, without complaint...That's integrity, and it is the foundation of honour." This is what she believes.

Currently I'm reading the February edition of Batman Legends.  Batwoman features in two of the three stories in this magazine.  I believe Batwoman is going to have her very own comic released this Spring!

"The Batman gave
her the inspiration.
Her father gave her the discipline.
Years of training
gave her the skills.
But only Kate Kane
herself knows what
gave her the unbreakable
drive to serve in the
war on crime... The Batwoman."


  1. Great images - I know there are some fine comics out there, but wouldn't know where to start, really.

  2. start at the very beginning, that's a very fine place to start :) sher I don't know much about comics either Neezes, thanks for comment.