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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Red Room East

The Red Room, Henri Matisse

I'm returning to two poems I started on Tuesday.  One I'm really into and I think it will turn into a nice piece.  The other is vague and needs to be battered into shape.  Are pieces like this worth the mental aerobics?  And there is no guarantee that it will become something good.  I'll give it a lash.  And I have to do a size of research for these two poems so that they are legitimate. 

It's Sunday morning and I'll be listening to RTE radio 1 Sunday Miscellany on livestream.  I've already heard a striking report on the danger of earthquake to Tibet and Nepal.  The reporter described sitting in the doorway of a house and being rocked like a boat on the sea.  How frightening, that the land could become the sea!  The buildings there are not properly built and a big earthquake will cause devastation.  I worte a poem about this region once called The Red Room West, or was it East, I can't find it anyway and it's not in my documents.  I dreamed the poem one night.  It was also a recurring dream.  I had the same dream in my childhood but I can't remember details.   I wonder could I find the missing poem somewhere? 

I'm looking forward to an eventful week.  I have my jacket bought for the Boyne Berries 10 Launch on Thursday and it should be a very exciting night.  Then on to Galway for the second launch on Friday evening.  I'll have to take some photos for this blog, and memory. 

The goddess is descending to the underworld.  I hope everyone finds time to celebreate this beautiful time of the year. Autumn.

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