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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Grail

From the title there's no guessing as to where my thoughts lie just now.  It's been another weekend of distraction so it has been difficult to find some time alone to concentrate, and I do need time alone to sustain myself, but too much time alone is not good either.  Back on topic in these few snatched minutes when the sun is setting behind my red curtains - the blood of the grail.

Last night someone told me that they did not know what The Holy Grail is.  I tried to explain it, that it was the cup that Christ used at The Last Supper and how people over centuries have gone on quests for the grail, and how perhaps everyone is on their own quest, a sort of spiritual quest to find the grail, and finally how the grail as a cup can be used to represent womenkind, a cup being a symbol of feminity.  Now I suspect that there is a lot more to the grail than I now know or will ever know, but maybe when I am older and wiser I will understand more.  And maybe I already have my grail and I am complete but I fail to see it sometimes. 

Queen Maeve below holds a cup, is it the grail?  And my poem The Fisher King in thefirstcut is about the legendary keeper of the grail. 

"The nearer the knights of Arthur's court approach the Grail Castle," William Nitze remarks, "the more illusive and intangible the holy vessel appears. Thus one might say the Grail symbolizes in its evasiveness the problem of its own origin."

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