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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crannog 29

Ouroborous - The All is One

Crannog 29 will be launched in the Crane Bar, Sea Road, Galway on Friday, 24th February at 6.30 pm.  I am delighted that I will have a haiku poem included in this lovely publication.  I've been practising writing haiku since Novemeber.  I do NOT claim to be any sort of expert on haiku writing.  I've read some articles on how to write the form so I have been trying to put theory into practice.  There is a lot more to this art than meets the eye.  Generally use 17 syllables or less in some alignment, traditionally of 5-7-5.  Use a seasonal word (kigo).  Divide your haiku into two distinct parts in which images are juxtaposed.  Haiku is a way of life, a way of thinking, but then poetry is a way of life, it is, just as you are.  Wrting haiku takes lots of practice, even years of practice.  And of course I have read some of the masters.

A handle
On the moon -
And what a splendid fan.


Scooping up the moon
In the wash basin,
And spilling it.


In the shallow river,
On hands washing the saucepans,
The spring moon.


What pains I took,
Hanging the lamp
On the flowering branch.



  1. Well done Orla, Honor Duff of the LitLab who attended many of our readings in Trim is also included in this issue of Crannog.

  2. I'll be in good company so Michael. I see Miceal Kearney and Liam Duffy have work in it too.

    1. Thats brilliant Orla! I've a story in it. Hope to get to Galway, fingers crossed:)

  3. Fab Niamh, hope to see you there!