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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Festival of the Fires

This festival has to be experienced for yourself. It really captures some of the magic of a bygone age. The people organising it did a great job and the people of Mullingar were gracious and courteous. Some photos below. They include The Poetry Divas, the festival head, The Green Man, and of course, fire!!


  1. It was lovely to see you there. Thanks for tracking down the secret stage.

  2. Were there kids there too orla? i'd love to go next year, great photos:)

  3. Thanks Kate, luckily I recognised you or I'd never have found ye but I was on a mission. Niamh there were lots and lots of children. We actually remarked on it. It seemed to be very much a family day out as well. There were horses jumping and galloping about everywhere and people were drinking so as long as you kept a keen eye on your children you would be fine I'd say. You'd love it there I reckon.

    1. Sounds brilliant, thats us going next year for sure then:)