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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Another lovely September day has past.  I worked from 9-6, it was quite hectic.  The virtue and vice of human nature came keenly under my gaze today.  I wasn't surprised by what I saw.  Enough about that though.  I've had my bare feet up on the bed this past hour reading and editing poems I had discarded.  One is almost done and another is in the pipeline for completion.  I lit my candle.  How does one craft a fine poem about mortality?  I have lately felt a little like a cat playing with an endless ball of wool regarding putting my thoughts down on paper.  Hopefully I will have better focus and direction soon!


  1. Interesting - I'm struggling to even find the ball of wool at the moment. Isn't Celine Dion narrow!

  2. Narrow yes but like the accent in her voice in this song. Lovely, haunting song. Where is she these days?