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Monday, April 22, 2013

Adeste Fideles

I'm having a read through of Crannog 32.  Fellow Boyne Writer Brendan Carey Kinnane has a poem included in this issue.  His poem is called Khayelitsha.  I haven't read anything of Brendan's in a while but this poem, like all his poems, is rich in language.  Kevin Graham, whom I admire has a poem included called The Snow Globe.   Clare Sawtell has a poem called When They Leave which I like too.  As I'm reading the journal I can't help smiling and thinking about how I want to write something new.  I love poetry.  Isn't it good that you can fall in love over and over again?  This bodes well for fidelity!  I don't even know where to start with Abridged Primal.  I suppose initially I'm drawn to Beth MacFarlane's Deep Shadows because it has a resonation with my poem Of the Crow.  I also like Vast, Illusive Sea by Jan Harris.  Kevin Graham has a poem in this too called Raw, as does Ann Egan who has a poem in Crannog 32 called Butterfly on a Rafter.  I also love Enda Coyle-Greene's Hedgehog.  There is so much to admire and think about in these magazines.  Needless to say I'm refreshed and inspired by the work. 

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