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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Artistic Atlas of Galway

The Artistic Atlas of Galway is seeking financial backing and you can sponsor it here:

The Artistic Atlas of Galway aims to highlight the artistic capital of Galway City and County, the people that live in it and those that pass through it.
Over 70 full colour pages of short-stories, poetry, photography and art-work with 7 A3 Posters.

In the summer of 2011 canvassing began for poetry, short stories, artwork and photography. With Galway as the common theme.

Since then the work submitted has be compiled into themes based on certain aspects of Galway. From these themes conceptual maps have been drawn up, influenced by the texts and images submitted.
These maps, drawn by artists and designers, will allow people to visit places and read the landscape in different ways. You will be able to walk the land and see its stories, poetry and art in the same way you see its contours, rivers and streets.

The Artistic Atlas of Galway presents the work of over 40 artists, writers and photographers in a truly unique way!

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