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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Artistic Atlas of Galway


Maureen Gallagher, Fred Johnston, Liam Duffy, Orla Fay

I'm just revisiting this topic to tell you about the finished article which I was very happy to have in my hands I'm pleased to say.  It's a lovely production bursting with creativity and colour and it does justice to Galway city.  Well done to Liam Duffy for pulling the whole thing off, and to everyone involved.  When I went down to Galway to pick it up at the Fringe Festival I met the elegant Maureen Gallagher and Fred Johnston.  I'd met them both before, Maureen at a Crannog launch and Fred when he facilitated a workshop for the Eist poetry competition in Navan Library.
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  1. Do you mean that Fred is also elegant? Well done Orla!

  2. Of course Michael. I should also say that I met Liam before through The Sharp Review and NUIG's Writers' Society Writers' Exchange Chapbook. Thanks!