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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Wedding Poem

My brother, Christopher, is getting married in July and I've been asked to write a poem that I will recite also at the reception.  It will be a near formal occasion so I was thinking of writing a sonnet.  Are there any great wedding poems out there?  This is the best I could find so far.

A Bridal Song

OMFORTS lasting, loves increasing,
Like soft hours never ceasing;
Plenty's pleasure, peace complying,
Without jars, or tongues envying;
Hearts by holy union wedded,
More than theirs by custom bedded;
Fruitful issues; life so graced,
Not by age to be defaced;
Budding as the year ensu'th,
Every spring another youth:
All what thought can add beside,
Crown this Bridegroom and this Bride!

John Ford

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  1. The First Marriage

    by Peter Meinke
    for Gretchen and Herb: June 15, 1991

    imagine the very first marriage a girl
    and boy trembling with some inchoate
    need for ceremony a desire for witness:
    inventing formality like a wheel or a hoe

    in a lost language in a clearing too far from here
    a prophet or a prophetess intoned to the lovers
    who knelt with their hearts cresting
    like the unnamed ocean thinking This is true

    thinking they will never be alone again
    though planets slip their tracks and fish
    desert the sea repeating those magic sounds
    meaning I do on this stone below
    this tree before these friends yes in body
    and word my darkdream my sunsong yes I do I do

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