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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Boyne Berries 18 Open to Submissions

Boyne Berries 18 opens for submissions of poetry and prose today. The submission period will end on Saturday, 11th July. Boyne Berries 18 will be published in late September. I took over as editor of the magazine last year from Michael Farry and I have two issues under my belt. Boyne Writer Rory O'Sullivan has produced the cover design on both occasions.

I went blindly into the editing process and it was difficult at first to deal with the volume of submissions and with the technicality of producing a print magazine. Luckily I was taking the reins of a well oiled machine and the Boyne Writers were all supportive. I've made mistakes, in the type, in omitting submissions I'd forgotten...but I've learned a lot too. There is no doubt about it that editing a magazine like Boyne Berries is a big responsibility and it is time consuming. Any blinkers worn must be taken off.

I'm excited now to start reading submissions again from all over the world. I'd ask submitters to follow the guidelines regarding submitting in the body of the email and as a word document attachment, and to use times new roman 12 and single spacing. Include a short bio. It will make my work easier and more pleasurable. Please see guidelines

I will endeavour to answer every submission as soon as I can. I particularly encourage first time submitters and anyone who is having second thoughts, don't, never be afraid to begin a journey. Be brave. Open my mind, strike me dead, silence me, lead me onto a new path. Thanks for submitting.

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