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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crannog 23 Launch

Last night I attended the launch of Crannog 23 in the Crane Bar, Sea Road, Galway.  As always the magazine has a beautiful cover.  Sabine Springer and Sandra Bunting are responsible for cover images and design.  The editorial board of Crannog are Sandra Bunting, Geraldine Burke, Jarlath Fahy and Tony O'Dwyer.  Tony O'Dwyer introduced each reader at the launch, while Sandra and Jarlath themselves read pieces. 

One poem that stood out to me is The Fisherman's Wife by Deirdre Grimes:

"She had lived windswept
on some distant rocky outcrop in some far off bay
which you can still see in the background of her eyes
now she lies on your hearth rug
leaving a pool of sea water on your floor."

Siobhan Daffy read her poem, Green Fingers, accompanied by what I presume was a ngoni African harp as mentioned in the biographical details.  It was an interesting performance.  Maureen Gallagher read View From The Moon.  My poem too was of a lunar theme.  The Moon in March, had come about as the result of a challenge by Boyne Writers Group Secretary Michael Farry to write a poem about the full moon last year.

L-R Maureen Gallagher, Ciaran Parkes, Mary Dempsey, Sandra Bunting


  1. Hi Orla, Thanks for the compliment on my poem, I was chuffed! I enjoyed your poem too, it stuck in my head. I have two blogs in case you would like to take a look, I also work in childcare during the day! is my 'work' blog and is my baby, which is broken at the mo but will be back soon! thanks again, take care x Deirdre

  2. Hi Deirdre, hope your poeticlife site gets up and running soon. I will take a look at the sites :)

  3. its up! with a link to yours, thanks again x Dee