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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Tomorrow I am looking forward to my niece's seventh birthday party in the evening and to the launch of Boyne Berries 7 by night.  All these sevens must surely mean good luck!
It seems ages ago since I submitted to the first edition of Boyne Berries in the spring of 2007.  I had been very cautious about sending in some poems for the editor's consideration but I was also thrilled to learn later that one of my poems would be included.  It was called Night Aria and it was written about the joy I felt due to the birth of my second niece.  It was a wee poem:

Night Aria.

There is a fire aflame.

There is a girl with a heart.

There is a birth.

There is an earthy name.

And I’m floating down the river

that goes on and on and on I’m

drifting along.

And I’m sleeping on the grass

where the night air is cool,

where the stars are cooling in velvet.

Before long I’ll be dreaming.

I’ll be in your heart,

like an old jaded song.

I am empty to be quiet,

silent to be heard,

lost to find or to be found.

There is no image wide enough.

I am humbled by the profound.

I was too shy on the night of the launch of Boyne Berries 1 to read this poem but the following year I found myself joining the Boyne Writers Group and I haven't looked back (well not too much) since.  This has been due to the regular group meetings, discussions and encouragement with and by the likes of Michael Farry, Paddy Smith, Brendan Carey Kinane, Paul Kerr and Tom Dredge, to name a few members.  May there be many more meetings and issues to come!
Now back to tomorrow...
But first sleep -
And in the morning,



  1. This site is improving all the time
    Tommy Murray

  2. That would be a long poem for me, but it's a lovely poem.