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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some Irish sayings that caught my eye

I was in the library yesterday and came across a book called Irish Weather Wisdom:Signs of Rain.  It is compiled by Gabriel Rosenstock and illustrated by Rosemary Woods.

Some of the sayings I like include:

Go n-imni an tuile den turlach leat (may you take your bad luck with you)

La coscartha an tsneachta (the day that melts the snow)

Dar bri na greine is na gealai (by the power of the sun and the moon)

La brea amarach ma chludaionn teada an phuca an talamh (a soft day tomorrow when gossamer threads cover the ground)

I find it lovely that the people who had this saying described the threads of gossamer as the ghost's threads.  The phuca means, the ghost!  It must show that the old Irish people were poetic and innocent at times.

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