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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cavan Crystal Windows Poetry Competition

Cave of Swimmers, The English Patient

During the week I received an email from Heather Brett informing me that I've a poem highly recommended in this competition.  It says in the email that one of my poems was in the top ten or so of 500 entries, that's not bad :).  I nearly missed the email as it went to spam in my yahoo mail.  The subjects of the three poems I entered were spring, London and the long woman's grave.  The awards are being presented on Thursday 20th May at 8 pm in the Cavan Crystal Hotel.  I don't know who is the winner yet!

I went for a cycle this morning and it's teriffic to finally sea the grass and the leaves on the trees becoming lush and green.  The cherry blossom is out, the primroses finally appeared a few weeks ago.  All I need now is for the harsh wind to go and for some balmy wind, draught, flatus, afflatus, efflation, eluvium; air; breath, breath of air; puff, whiff, zephyr; blow, drift; aura; stream, current, jet stream; undercurrent., gust, blast, breeze, squall, gale, half a gale, storm, tempest, hurricane, whirlwind, tornado, samiel, cyclone, anticyclone, typhoon; simoon, simoom; harmattan, monsoon, trade wind, sirocco, mistral, bise, tramontane, levanter; capful of wind; fresh breeze, stiff breeze; keen blast; blizzard, barber [Can.], candelia, chinook, foehn, khamsin, norther, vendaval, wuther., windiness; ventosity; rough weather, dirty weather, ugly weather, stress of weather; dirty sky, mare's tail; thick squall, black squall, white squall., anemography, aerodynamics; windgauge, weathercock, weathervane; anemometer, anemoscope., sufflation, insufflation, perflation, inflation, afflation; blowing, fanning; ventilation., sneezing; errhine; sternutative, sternutatory; sternutation; hiccup, hiccough; catching of the breath., Eolus, Boreas, Zephyr, cave of Eolus., air pump, air blower, lungs, bellows, blowpipe, fan, ventilator, punkah; branchiae, gills, flabellum, vertilabrum. zephr to embrace me!


  1. Well done on the Cavan success Orla! I haven't heard who has won, nothing on the website, probably have to wait until the presentation.

  2. Thanks Michael, hope you are enjoying the weekend!

  3. Yes, congratulations Orla. That's quite a prestigious competition and one I'm itching to get a mention in but the competition is too stiff! Well done.

  4. oh don't be so modest peter, you have just won the golden pen competition I read, congratulations! It's almost thursday anyway, eeeek!!!