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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Boyne Writers Group AGM 2011

Trim Castle on the Boyne

The AGM was held on Thursday night last and it was well attended despite driving rain and wind.  The snow and ice of December had prevented it from taking place in 2010.  Group founder, secretary and editor of our magazine, Michael Farry, speaks about the meeting and our group in his blog.  It was interesting how Paddy Smith, returned Chairman for 2011, spoke about our members as individuals and about us not being group people particularly.  I am certainly not a group person but since joining the group I have never looked back and I never feel out of place.  It has been quite a journey since the first issue of Boyne Berries which I had a poem published in in 2007 and I am always learning more.  This autumn the magazine will bring forth its tenth issue!

The road leads ever forward.  I know it is an ambition of the group to regain the upperhand in the Battle of the Books against Meath Writers Circle during the Swift festival in the summer.  The Boyne Readings and Open Mic continue; later in February the Small Impact Writers from Navan will be the featured readers and in March Noel King, creator of Doghouse Press, will be the featured reader.

I have been privileged to meet some great writers through the group and its activities and I have been to wonderful events as part of Boyne Writers.  Being a writer is a vocation that many do not understand which is why a group such as ours is important, offering support and constructive criticsm and acting as a springboard at times into the wider literary world. 

In the end Boyne Writers are lucky to be spearheaded by two very talented and able men.  Indeed the entire Meath region of writers, and beyond, have benefitted from their acumen I believe and from their perhaps indirect aim of  creating a cohesive and competitive element within Meath writing.  It is one of the strengths of the group that while remaining a strong unit we reach out to other groups and other individuals.  Thank you Michael Farry and Paddy Smith.
Barbara Flood, Michael Farry, Orla Fay, Paddy Smith

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  1. Thank you Orla but it's the members, including yourself, that make the group so interesting and indeed challenging.