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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Faddan More Psalter

I've just finished watching an intriguing programme on RTE1 about treasures from our bogs.  In light of my recent exploration of early Christian places in Louth and Meath this comes as hugely interesting.  A Psalter is a book of psalms.  Wow so this Psalter had papyrus on its cover which has been unheard of in Ireland.  And perhaps we owe more to the Coptic church in the Middle East than we do to Roman Catholicism.  The book resembles the style of books produced in the Coptic way.   The Coptic Church was founded by Saint Mark in Egypt in the first century.  He was one of the four evangelists.  The experts are dating the book to roughly 800 a.d.

The Psalter is going to go on exhibiton in the National Museum this Summer.  It was found in a bog in North Tipperary and it looked like a pile of sludge when found though clearly resembled a book with a leather cover too. 


  1. Drat, missed it. I wrote a poem about the psalter some time ago after reading an article about it.

  2. If you follow this link you can watch it on rte player Michael. It is very exciting.

  3. that link doesn't seem to work but go to and put treasure from the bog in the search engine and you should be able to see it then.

  4. I had forgot about that. Thanks Orla.