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Monday, April 11, 2011

Unchained Melody

I haven't been to my blog in what seems like ages.  Time is funny like that as I think of phrases like "what a difference a day makes" and "a lot of water has flowed under the bridge."  Well time does fly that is for sure.  Have you seen the aer lingus advert on tv?  They are 75 years old.  "Doesn't time fly?" or something like that is the catchphrase on the advert. 

So in the meanwhile, is this the right word to use? In the meantime? I have written three poems that I am happy about.  One is about Glendalough, another about my grandfather and a primrose and the other is about a friend I used to have and a park here in Meath.  Another one I am going to look at now - which is about the classroom where I work - isn't quite finished.  I haven't enough ink in my printer to print them which is so annoying :(

I feel like I have lot of images collected in my mind which I need to explore.  I also got an email from Elizabeth Reapy who is the editor of Wordlegs, an online magazine/e-journal/e-zine? and I am going to have my poem "Empire of the Sun" in the Summer issue which will be released in early May.  I'm happy about that.  Thanks. 


  1. Well done Orla on the publication. Also on all those poems! Hope we get a chance to see one on Thursday.

  2. Congratulations on your latest publication! I think time flies quicker on the blogosphere!

  3. Hi Michael and Niamh, I will bring one yes :) Time is relative I'd say.