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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Silver Blade Magazine Issue 13

Silver Blade is an online magazine of cutting-edge science fiction, slipstream, classic and modern fantasy.  I have a poem published in the current issue, issue 13, called The Park.  I have to thank the poetry editor John C. Mannone for his interest in this poem and for his help and advice editing it with me.  While it had good prospects it lost track towards the end and we both offered each other versions of endings before agreeing on the final piece.  It was novel to have an editor take such an interest. 

Silver Blade originates in the United States and I had to sign a contract before my poem was published.  I've never had that happen before either. 

The Park can be read here


  1. Ah well done again, Orla. It's a great poem. How many is that in 2012 already!!

  2. I should say apart from your good self editing some of my works at Boyne Writers' meetings! :)