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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tara, Michael Slavin and Boyne Berries 11 Launch

I spent some time on Tara yesterday.  In the woods on the sloping trenches there were ropes and plastic belts tied to some trees.  The ropes had branches of trees tied to them.  Does anyone know why this would be?  It seemed a bit sinister though it could just be that people were swinging out of the ropes?

It was a gorgeous day on Tara.  The trees are beginning to bud and I could imagine the landscape lush and green as it will be in summer, and I could see the landscape covered in snow and ice, as it was a couple of winters ago. 

I bought a book in the book store on myth and legend from Michael Slavin and asked him about the Boyne Berries launch.  He was preparing for it.  You can see him in interview here -


  1. I apologise in advance for being the first to suggest this, but autoerotic asphyxiation? Can be quite a thing for gangs of boys, sometimes. But I don't know the area, or the arrangement of the ropes and belts, so it's a stab in the dark really. Was my first thought though. How grim is that?

  2. It could be Titus, you never know. Some mischief was afoot at some stage anyway.