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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Poetry Porch


The Poetry Porch is an online literary magazine which has been available since 1997. It is edited by Joyce Wilson. I'm happy to have two sonnets accepted by Joyce who wrote: 'We are completely taken with the intricate meter and rhyme in your heartfelt sonnets', for the magazine's feature The Sonnet Scroll.  Both forthcoming poems were written in January this year.

I've learned to take more time with the sonnet and to choose words more carefully and I find that it's always good to do a refresher on iambic pentameter.

This line has 5 feet, so it’s written in pentameter. And the stressing pattern is all iambs:
if YOU | would PUT | the KEY | inSIDE | the LOCK
da DUM | da DUM | da DUM | da DUM | da DUM

unstressed, stressed

(I have to admit that this is still an afterthought but I am very careful to count syllables)

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