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Friday, August 20, 2010

Boyne Writers Group Meeting 19th August 2010

Pictured in Drogheda
L-R Boyne Writers Tom Dredge, Brendan Carey Kinnane, Orla Fay, Michael Farry

Last night I attended what was an interesting group meeting.  Firstly Evan Costigan (who introduced me to the group over two years ago) was in attendance.  He had been abroad in Japan where he was teaching English for a year and a half.  I believe Evan will be back to attend meetings on a more regular basis now which is good as he is a great writer.  Secondly Evan and Michael Farry have been long listed for the Over the Edge New Writer of the Year 2010.  This is a great achievement by both poets. 

We had a large group in attendance including Rory O'Sullivan (who writes in calligraphy and illustrates his rhyming poetry), Barbara Flood, Anne Crinion, Caroline Carey Finn, James Linnane, Jenny Andersson and newer members Bill Comerford and Maria Durnin.  Paul Kerr dropped in too.  Paddy Smith, the group's chairman, was absent so I chaired some of the meeting in my role as vice chairwoman. 

Michael Farry discussed Boyne Berries 8 with us and it looks like the magazine will be launched on the third Thursday of September.  I had helped edit some of the poetry for the magazine a couple of weeks ago.

Exciting times!


  1. It must be a real learning experience being involved in the selection process for Boyne Berries - maybe you'll write a post of do's and don'ts from a readers perspective sometime? I admire how active the Boyne group are, not just in terms of having the shortlisred writers (which is brilliant), but alsp publishing a magazine, having readings - it seems a very dynamic group.

  2. Hi Niamh yes maybe sometime I shall. I think well written pieces stand out for themselves in terms of grammar, structure and clear thought. That added flair is sometimes rare. I can't imagine how one would pick from tonnes of good pieces, I guess it would just come down to personal choice as I saw mentioned in your latest blog and perhaps politics. The group is dynamic and that is mainly down to Michael Farry and Paddy Smith mostly. I just feel privileged to be part of the group most of the time.