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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

National University of Ireland, Galway, Writers' Society's Writers Exchange Chapbook

I was happy to receive a couple of copies of the chapbook pictured above in which my poem To Kurt Cobain is published.  It's one I wrote maybe four or five years ago in which I tried to capture what the rockstar meant to me.  I am a big Nirvana fan and often wish that Cobain had overcome his demons to live and record more music.  In the chapbook each writer has a piece included and their critique of another included writer's work is also found within.  Each writer was paired.  It was a great idea and it was something that began during the dark days of a very harsh winter.  Well done to Liam Duffy, Sarah McCarthy and Rachel Smiddy who are responsible for the exchange.  Fellow blogger Niamh Boyce has a poem here called Whatever about a mother and daughter relationship.  I also notice that Alan Garvey has a poem in the chapbook and he will have one published in Boyne Berries 9.

18 writers participated in the exchange, from Portland in the U.S. to Suffolk in England, from Asturias in Spain to Limerick, and from Ballymoney in N.I. to Navan.  You can find out more about the NUIG Writers' Society by emailing

To Kurt Cobain

Dancing flame you are the colour blue
and smell of petrol.

Your guitars are relentless,
guzzle gasoline in anger,

then fall lazily in couldn't care less lethargy.
Your drums beat you bruised.

Now your voice soothes,
hoarse, coming from some
deeper place,

raw as an open wound
and stronger than life,

as an instrument
striking trapped chords.

You ignite, give voice, freedom, healing.

Orla Fay