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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Noel King, featured reader at the Boyne Readings and Open Mic, March

Noel King's debut collection of poetry, Prophesying the Past, was published last year by Salmon Poetry.  He was born and lives in Tralee, Co. Kerry.  He has been very widely published internationally and he is the editor of Doghouse Press, a poetry and short stories imprint. Mr. King is also a singer and musician. He is the featured reader at tomorrow night's event.  The reading will take place in the Knightsbridge Village Hall, Longwood Road, Trim at 8 p.m.  All are welcome.

I went searching through my memory and I remembered that Noel King was in Limerick a couple of years ago when I had a poem published in Revival Poetry Journal along with Tom Dredge, a fellow Boyne Writer.  Michael Farry had also been in Limerick then as he had a poem published in The Stony Thursday Book. The launches had taken place as part of the Cuisle festival.  His poem in that Revival (Issue 13) is called Us at the Edinburgh Fringe.

I also had a poem in Crannog 23 and Noel King has a poem in that too called My Soliloquy Talks Back.  Soliloquy is such a great word, I've always had a fancy for it.

My Soliloquy Talks Back

You will grow
less bitter soon,
cadences of love

you feel now
will shadow nothing
- your future self

flooding the paths
that are leading
your next life,

marching you on,
the waters will break
escaping the burdens:

house, mortage, city-shit,
your beach walks
focusing your feet

in day dazes
of pure poetry.
Just be patient.

Flies that buzz
round your cottage
will not irritate,

nice poetic flies
alighting on poems
you've just written,

your life leading
will prove it.
You could walk

week-ends of searching
purge the depths of space
for answers now
I tell you.

Noel King

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