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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Freeze Travel Survival Guide (Things She Learned in the Frost)

Frozen Trees, Retaine

What a trying week it has been.  We returned to work  despite the elements but it has been an adventure.  On Monday night the snow returned coming down to us from the north west.  I found Wednesday morning the coldest I have ever experienced.  (This was also the morning after the budget)  I woke up in the night to find my joints cold and when I went downstairs to open the front door the ice had come inside and even got into the lock.  I knew this was different.  I then turned on my car to see the temperature reading -13.  I had trouble getting my car to move forward and when on the Trim to Navan road I had to stop.  To conclude this much longer tale my brakes had frozen and the back right tyre locked.  Some hot water set me right and eventually on my way.

I have learned the following things from experience and observation which will leave me prepared for next year:

1) If your tyre isn't turning the brake pads are likely frozen and you should pour hot water on the pads, or de-icer.
2) Bring a shovel in your car.
3) Keep a bag of sand in your boot.
4) Bring your wellies in the boot and an extra coat.
5) Always have credit in your mobile phone in case of emergencies.
6) Don't pull into a snowy verge to allow someone to pass as you will get stuck.
7) Don't use your brakes, go down in gear instead.
8) When driving up a hill keep a steady pace.
9) Give yourself an extra half hour to get where you are going.
10) Don't stop if you can help it as it is best to have the momentum with you.

These are hard and harsh times.  Christmas is around the corner.  I hope everyone has someone to help them through any difficulties they might have.


  1. And the weather is meant to turn bad again at the end of the week! Sorry about your misadventure Orla, and thanks for the list! It makes me appreciate that I've been blessed these past two weeks since I work close enough to walk to work. Safe driving! Don't forget your shovel...!

  2. Thanks Niamh. I'm hoping it won't be too bad the next time round.