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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Book of Celtic Verse

I received a present of this book and it is quite enchanting.  Edited by John Matthews it is divided into 5 parts, Spells and Incantations, The High Dream of Nature, Lovers Under Leaf, Warriors and Warlords and fifthly, Voices of the Spirit.  These all touch on strong Celtic themes.  The Celts are the peoples of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall and Brittany.  Originally of Indo European stock they spread out from Central Europe approximately 500 BC. Wow @ BC!! 

There are some lovely pieces in this book including an invocation by Amairgin and Taliesin's nature.  The magician Merlin features a lot and poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins and Francis Ledwidge are included.


T. W. Rolleston (1857-1920)

In a quiet water’d land, a land of roses,
Stands Saint Kieran’s city fair;
And the warriors of Erin in their famous generations
Slumber there.

There beneath the dewy hillside sleep the noblest
Of the clan of Conn,
Each below his stone with name in branching Ogham
And the sacred knot thereon.

There they laid to rest the seven Kings of Tara,
There the sons of Cairbre sleep—
Battle-banners of the Gael that in Kieran’s plain of crosses
Now their final hosting keep.

And in Clonmacnoise they laid the men of Teffia,
And right many a lord of Breagh;
Deep the sod above Clan Creide and Clan Conaill,
Kind in hall and fierce in fray.

Many and many a son of Conn the Hundred-fighter
In the red earth lies at rest;
Many a blue eye of Clan Colman the turf covers,
Many a swan-white breast.

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  1. I thought that you might like my version of
    Taliesin's Battle Of The Trees as a machinima film,
    Bright Blessings By Stone and Star,
    Celestial Elf ~