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Friday, May 20, 2011

Boyne Readings & Open Mic, May

Kate Dempsey, Triona Walsh, Barbara Smith (The Poetry Divas)

The Boyne Writers' Group was well represented last night in the Open Mic and thanks to Frank Murphy of The Meath Writers' Circle and Honor Duff of the Cavan/Meath Litlab (sorry I mispronounced your name Honor) for attending and reading. 

The Poetry Divas themselves were fantastic to hear.  Thank you Kate, Triona and Barbara.  You can read more about the night at


  1. Great photo! Look, matching necklines!
    Also rather jealous you got to see them.

  2. Orla thanks for a lovely night, this Diva enjoyed herself thoroughly.

    Titus, we were rather the Decolletage Divas :)