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Monday, May 9, 2011

Poetry Ireland Introduction Series 2011 - Michael Farry

Poetry Ireland presents the Introductions Series 2011 featuring Ainín Ní Bhroin, Kimberly Campanello, Michael Farry, and Donna Sørensen.

Venue: Irish Writers' Centre, 19 Parnell Square, Dublin 1

Time: 6:30pm
I'm delighted that Michael Farry, a founder member of our writers' group, Boyne Writers, has been selected to participate in this years Introduction Series.  Michael is the editor of Boyne Berries magazine and the secretary of our group. 
I'm up very late tonight so it's afforded me the chance to dwell on some of his poems.  I've always liked Grow Up Slowly (For Cian) which can be read in Boyne Berries 3.  Another poem of his that comes to the fore is My Interest in Polish Poetry has been Aroused which was published in The SHOp.  However right now Five am in Perth, Australia from Boyne Berries 2 is poignant.  My sister is living in Perth at the moment.  Michael has a pleasant and strong reading voice. 
Five am in Perth, Australia
We keep a clock at Perth time here
and as I do my final tidy round
I see it's five am there.  Are you
restless, roused by milk deliveries
and heavy bin collecting trucks
or by the swish of dead leaves
dashed against your window?
My mistake, it's spring there now,
dawn chorus, perhaps a discord
of bowerbird, bushlark, thornbill.
Here our sycamore stands stripped,
its rough leaves filthy litter.
At verge of sleep I am befuddled.
Are those pert rooks on the roof
or you sleep-walking in the attic?
And you, I hope, confuse the
clamour of your neighbours waking
with my dressing and descent to put
the kettle on, release your terrier.
Michael Farry

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